Wednesday, May 09, 2007

May Quick Hits at Arriviste Press

I've got some Quick Hits up for you at Arriviste Press. Go read me talk pretty about Explosions in the Sky, Cynthia G. Mason, Prosser, My Teenage Stride, and Minmae.

While you're over there, you can read an interview with Neal Pollack, and an interview with Carice van Houten of the movie Black Book. You can also read a preview of, and an interview with/by the author of, the latest Arriviste Press publication, Michael Standaert's novel The Adventures of the Pisco Kid. (I haven't read it yet, though I do have a copy of it on my TBR pile. So even though I've got no idea whether it's any good? I'm still going to tell you that you need this book. Go buy it. Buy ten copies for the kids. Order twenty copies and pay for forty. Right now. Make Arriviste Press flush. Make it so they can afford to fund my extravagant music-reviewer lifestyle full-time. Seriously, people, all these Soft Batch cookies aren't exactly buying themselves.)

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