Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dustin Long interviewed at The Inside Flap

So, I'm trying to catch up on my homework: The Inside Flap recently posted a lengthy interview with Dustin Long, and drops mention of the fact that the paperback of Icelander will be out on June 1. I haven't read the entire interview yet, but it certainly looks meaty, and the snippets I've seen seem intriguing; nor have I seen the paperback yet, but I suspect it won't be as well-assembled as the pleasing McSweeney's Rectangular hardback*.


* - But, of course, it will be cheaper, and therefore, far more likely to wind up in my permanent collection, and therefore, far more likely to cause my girlfriend's hardcover to return to her own bookshelves. Such are the economics of love.


amcorrea said...

Actually, there's a used hardback up at Amazon for $5.94...

The Inside Flap said...

Thanks for noticing our interview. Our good friend Tim Hennessey has another another great at his blog.