Friday, February 26, 2010

Waste of oh nevermind

Probably as good a time as any to mention I do post more visual things here, at least sporadically, though I've a vague intent to increase the frequency in the coming weeks. And I put short-short things and links here. Because it is 2010 and I have submitted to the "140 character bitch goddess," natch. It's also probably as good a time as any to mention that I'm about a third of the way through 2666, and now there's this dawning sense that, oh, hey, there might be something at stake here, and I've kind of caught a bit of a tailwind, which means I might sometimes read more than, oh, five pages at a time. Also, other things.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I was going to link to that picture of Lady Gaga in front of the flaming piano but then I thought better of it because I'm not really worthy of so much awesome at any one time

For those keeping score at home, the move happened. Those of you who took that square in the betting pool: congratulations, you win the pot! Also, those of you who took the "No" box on the "Will Darby's new pad include a working phone jack, and, hence, Internet, out of the gate" sheet, you've doubled my nothing. Way to go! You get less blogging from me, right now.

Meanwhile, somehow, I've managed to start reading three different books at the same time. I usually don't do this sort of thing. But I am now. One of them is 2666--ahem, #2666. I'm into the second part, the part about not the first part, and I'm finding the book overall alright, alright enough that I want to say more about it, just, you know, not right now.

Because I'm also reading Kazuo Ishiguro's first three novels again, each for the second time, for a school book cover design project. I picked the first three because it's almost like cheating, in a way, since they're so related thematically already, it ought to be easy enough to find a common thread to connect the covers (in any such scenario my cover for The Unconsoled is nothing but a shattered pane of glass) but also because they're the books I'm less emotionally wrapped up in of his, though, of course, I'm halfway through A Pale View of Hills and I'm all ga ga for it and I'm like, how am I going to visualize this in a way that will, you know, work? Like, perfectly? Because, duh, when in doubt? So, right.

There's also another book I started I want to get back to because I got a good vibe off it and there's also another book I need to get into because I get to review it and I'm excited about that, at least for now. I'm also trying not to be excited about it. It could suck, still. These things happen. Lessons learned, kids.

Anyways, with luck, I'll be backing to lacking technical excuses for not blogging by the end of this week. Unless.