Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dead Russian authors do it four to the floor

If Demons were music and Dostoevsky its DJ, Part 3 would be when he lets the beat drop.

(Ah, yes, the sweet, sweet feeling of reluctantly putting a book down at the end of the night, mind alight with questions. (Historically speaking, when did social unrest become interested in itself? How straight is the vector between Demons and Pynchon? How consciously did Ishiguro inject parallels to Demons into The Unconsoled? Is Stavrogin a good guy or a bad guy? Quantitatively speaking, how many levels of awesome was the literary reading scene? Would the world mind much if I put the coffee on and spent the night reading the book and blowing off work tomorrow?) All that and I've still got 150 pages to go--I want to finish, I want it not to end...)


fusis said...

Um, okay, hello next book I'm reading. I've been fiddling around with Alice Munro and Star Trek Metaphysics. I need this.

rmellis said...

You could always read AT work. I read "Anna Karenina" while working at the Teamster's local office.

Imani said...

Did you know that I bought this book last week because of you? If it doesn't blow my mind I'm coming after you with a hatchet.